• Snow Mt. Adams
  • Catherine Creek
  • From the Cook-Underwood lookout
  • From the air--Carly photo

News & Events

July Weed of the Month: Knapweed


Weed of the Month – Knapweed July 2016 Hood River County has many kinds of knapweed, but the three most commonly found are Spotted, Diffuse and Meadow.  Although slightly different, they all have... READ MORE

FREE! Mobile Chipping Now Available


UCD’s mobile chipper program is currently available to rural residents of Skamania and Western Klickitat Counties to help reduce wildfire hazards around the home by responsibly disposing of piles of limbs, brush and small trees (less... READ MORE

Free Soil Testing


Free Soil Testing Now Available Underwood Conservation District is offering free soil, manure, and compost testing to residents of western Klickitat and Skamania counties. Maintaining good soil fertility is crucial for growing quality... READ MORE