• Snow Mt. Adams
  • Catherine Creek
  • From the Cook-Underwood lookout
  • From the air--Carly photo

News & Events

Help UCD Serve You Better


Your conservation district needs your help! We have just celebrated our 75th Anniversary. As we reflect on our past accomplishments, we also look toward future goals and remaining responsive to the community's needs. ... READ MORE

UCD Board of Supervisors Election Information


Announcement of a Vacancy: Underwood Conservation District is pleased to announce an opportunity to contribute to conservation and your community by serving on the Board of Supervisors. Supervisors are public officials who direct... READ MORE

Native Plant Sale On Now!


Native Plant Sale On Now! Underwood Conservation District’s annual Native Plant Sale is on now and runs through the end of February.  Order online with your credit or debit card, and then pick... READ MORE

Mobile Chipping Now Available


UCD’s mobile chipper program is currently available to rural residents of Skamania and Western Klickitat Counties to help reduce wildfire hazards around the home by responsibly disposing of piles of limbs, brush and small trees (less... READ MORE

Free Soil Testing


Free Soil Testing Now Available Underwood Conservation District is offering free soil, manure, and compost testing to residents of western Klickitat and Skamania counties. Maintaining good soil fertility is crucial for growing quality... READ MORE