UCD engages landowners and land users throughout Skamania and west Klickitat Counties in the conservation, enhancement, and sustainable use of natural resources through voluntary stewardship.

UCD provides technical assistance, cost-share assistance, project and water quality monitoring, community involvement and education, and support of local stakeholder groups within the district. The district works with willing and interested landowners in implementing conservation practices.

As one of 47 Conservation Districts in Washington, the UCD is a legal subdivision of state government that administers programs for the productive use and conservation of natural resources. Like all Conservation Districts, UCD works in close partnership with the Natural Resource Conservation Service in providing services to the district’s communities.

UCD is supervised by a 5-member Board, which provides guidance and direction to District Staff.

Over the last year and a half, UCD has held public meetings and received public input as we updated our Annual and Long Range Work Plans.  These guiding documents are now finalized and can be viewed by clicking here


Office Location

Our office is located in downtown White Salmon:
170 NW Lincoln, White Salmon, WA 98672
(in the Park Center Building, next to the police department)

Please feel free to stop by during our core office hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  (Occasionally, you'll find all of us out and about, so please call ahead if you are making a special trip.)


District Boundary

Since its inception in 1940, UCD has grown several times.  The District's boundaries now encompass the western third of Klickitat County and all of Skamania County.  If you live anywhere in Skamania County, or in Klickitat County west of the Klickitat River, you are in UCD's district.  If you live outside this area, we can help you find the conservation district that serves you.

The Roots of UCD

Underwood Conservation District (UCD) was established in 1940 when concerned orchardists and farmers from the area around Underwood Mountain gathered to discuss irrigation needs, the decline of forest productivity, and the impacts that development was having on their land – increasing soil erosion and degrading water quality. The meeting resulted in a partnership between the Soil Conservation Service (a Federal USDA Agency, now called the Natural Resource Conservation Service) and private landowners.

The Underwood Conservation District was formed to find feasible solutions to the community’s land-use concerns.

Funding Sources and Partnerships

Funding for UCD activities comes from a variety of sources, including the Washington State Conservation Commission, Washington Department of Ecology, Bonneville Power Administration’s Fish and Wildlife Program, and the State of Washington’s Salmon Recovery Funding Board.  Landowners can plan for and implement a variety of conservation projects through the Natural Resources Conservation Service, UCD’s federal counterpart.

For the past several years, UCD has worked on BPA projects in cooperation with the USGS Columbia River Research Laboratory, the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. One ongoing effort involves habitat restoration in the Wind River Watershed.  The other, recently completed BPA project involved a study of conditions in Rattlesnake creek, in the White Salmon watershed.

UCD Board of Supervisors

UCD is directed by a board of 5 volunteers. Two members are appointed by the Washington Conservation Commission to 3-year terms. Three are elected by District voters to 3-year terms. Board Supervisors are public officials who serve without compensation and who set policy and direction for UCD programs and projects.

The UCD Board meets on the third Tuesday of every month, at 7 PM at the UCD Office in White Salmon. Meetings are open to the public, and you are encouraged to attend! Board member elections are held in the first quarter of each year, and all registered voters in the district are eligible to vote. Please participate in our elections, and consider getting involved as a supervisor or associate supervisor!

Current UCD Board Members:

  • Paul Newell (Underwood), Chair – Elected in 2002, Re-elected in 2005, 2008, 2011, 2014, 2017
  • Kelly Clothier (Husum), Vice-Chair – Appointed in 2011, 2014, 2017
  • Joyce Eastwick (Underwood), Auditor – Appointed in 2010 (filling an elected position), Elected in 2012, Re-elected in 2015
  • Todd Hill (Snowden), Member  – Elected 2016
  • Barbara Bailey (Snowden), Member  – Appointed 2017

We encourage anyone interested in serving on the board of supervisors to contact UCD staff or supervisors to learn about the role of the board and the process of being appointed or elected.  For more information on Conservation District board elections in the state of Washington, please CLICK HERE.

UCD Staff

Day-to-day management of UCD business is conducted by our dedicated and knowledgeable employees who work under the direction of the UCD Board of Supervisors. UCD employees carry out technical assistance to landowners, conservation project activities, monitoring efforts, educational activities,  and attend or facilitate meetings of watershed groups. UCD currently employs 5 full-time staff, a part-time GIS specialist, a part-time forester, and shares an engineer with other regional conservation districts.


Current UCD Staff:

Tova Tillinghast, District Manager,  tova@ucdwa.org

Ann Gross, Financial/Administrative Manager, ann@ucdwa.org

Dan Richardson, Watershed Resource Technician/Firewise Coordinator, dan@ucdwa.org

Carly Lemon, Watershed Resource Technician, carly@ucdwa.org

Jan Thomas, Watershed Resource Technician, jan@ucdwa.org

Jim White, District Forester/Project Technician, jim@ucdwa.org

Matthew Barmann, Botanist/GIS Specialist

Loren Meagher, PE (Engineer, stationed at Central Klickitat CD in Goldendale, WA)