Updated Annual and Long Range Plans

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UCD has updated its Annual Plan and Long Range Plan The mission of UCD is to engage landowners and land users throughout Skamania and west Klickitat counties in the voluntary conservation, enhancement, stewardship, and sustainable use of natural resources. Over … Continued

Bluehole Trash Clean Up Day — Saturday, June 17

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Join Underwood Conservation District, Skamania County Community Events and Recreation, and fellow volunteers to help clean up a well-used local recreational spot on the Wind River near Carson, Wa.  ‘Bluehole’ has been a popular location for swimmers, kayakers, and fisherman … Continued

June Weed of the Month: Puncturevine

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Weed of the Month – Puncturevine June 2017 Puncturevine is a sprawling annual plant that forms a dense mat with very sharp, spiny seed heads. This nasty weed has infiltrated Hood River County from the east.  Also known as goathead, … Continued

Cost Share Program Funds Available Now

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Do you have a conservation project in mind for your property?  Would it benefit water quality or wildlife habitat?  If so, Underwood Conservation District may be able to help you find funding for your project. UCD is currently seeking landowners … Continued

UCD Soil Health Project Video

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  Underwood Conservation District was awarded a Washington State Soil Health Committee grant in 2016, for the purpose of quantifying the benefits of compost applications in vineyards and orchards.  UCD also looked at the benefits of cover cropping and biological … Continued