Resources for Farms

Whether you farm 1 acre or 100 acres, we can help find resources and tools that will help you achieve your goals.  Do you need recommendations for seeding?  Do you need to test your soil?  Do you have concerns about pests or diseases?  Do you have livestock? (See below.)  UCD staff can help answer your questions or find the experts with the information you need.  Consider starting a Farm Plan for your operation, which involves setting goals for your farm, taking inventory of your natural resources, and making a plan for improving those resources and reaching your goals.  There may even be funding sources available to support your improvements; just ask us, and we can point you toward those opportunities!


Resources for Livestock Owners

Livestock ownership is an important part of rural living in Klickitat and Skamania Counties. Residents may raise livestock as means of food production and economic activity or for the enjoyment of caring for animals and the land. From small farms with a few chickens to large cattle ranches, animal keeping is part of life in this area. While livestock can be a great joy, animals can have an impact on the quality of our soil and water resources, particularly when soil becomes compacted and nutrients from animal manure become saturated from rainfall and flow toward ground and surface waters.  If you have questions about how to manage mud or manure on your land, contact Carly at 509-493-1936, or by email at

Resources for Orchards and Vineyards

UCD is developing resources and programs for orchardists and vineyardists in the district.  If you have specific needs or questions about irrigation, pests, soil testing, or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact us.  If we don’t have the answer, we will help you find it!


Cost Share Opportunities 

Click here to see opportunities for cost sharing on conservation projects.


Landowner Handbook

Click here to look through this guide to rural living, packed with information on living near streams, managing noxious weeds, native plants, livestock and pasture management and other information about Underwood Conservation District.