Youth Education

The Underwood Conservation District assists in various education and outreach activities within the District, including environmental education for students and community events.

3rd and 4th grade students at Whitson Elementary School in White Salmon regularly check water quality in lower Jewett Creek. Students also release coho salmon in the stream. Whitson’s program, which has been in operation for about 15 years, is led by school staff, with support from UCD, the Spring Creek National Fish Hatchery, the Mid-Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group, and other volunteers. 7th and 8th graders at Wind River Middle School in Carson monitor water conditions in the lower Wind River and in Carson Creek, as part of an outdoor education class. The class completes its semester efforts with a presentation to the Wind River Watershed Council. This class is supported by UCD, Spring Creek National Fish Hatchery, the Corps of Engineers, and other volunteers.

We also help with other occasional school events such as a spring effort to monitor water quality and remove weeds from Kanaka Creek, Stevenson Elementary’s annual outdoor school at Camp Wa-Ri-Ki, Mill A School’s outdoor education activities, and Klickitat School’s outdoor education activities.  

All schools around the state are encouraged to participate in the Envirothon, which occurs annually each spring.

UCD has several types of lessons and curriculum available: Water on Wheels, Wheat Week, Project Wet, Enviroscape, etc.  Contact UCD if you are a teacher, parent, or student interested in incorporating natural resource education in your school.


Adult / Landowner Education

We coordinate and facilitate various kinds of workshops, seminars, and classes in order to teach landowners and natural resource managers about best management practices.  Subjects covered in the recent past include: livestock management, forestry skills and management, landownership succession planning, water conservation practices, composting, and native plant and invasive weed identification.

Our goal is to assist landowners as needed, and we can do this in the form of group workshops or classes, but we also provide individual technical assistance.  We can make site visits to property, give advice on resource management, provide pertinent information and direct landowners toward relevant programs for further project assistance or funding.  Call us if you would like to set up a technical assistance site visit to your property.

UCD also has a regular presence in community events, such as the Skamania County Fair, White Salmon’s HUGS Fair (Help Us Grow Safely), the Water Jamboree in Underwood, and Springfest in White Salmon.  Come see us at one of these events!