WA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife, WA Dept. of Natural Resources, and the Salmon Recovery Funding Board combined efforts to provide the Family Forest Fish Passage Program (FFFPP).  Underwood Conservation District served as the local sponsor and administrator of the project, working with landowners, Tom and Bonnie Reynolds.

The Reynolds own and manage 21 acres of forestland along the White Salmon River and Stoller Creek, and after enrolling in the FFFPP program, the landowners had the option to replace the old culvert with a bridge, an arch culvert (which was more expensive than the bridge due to site constraints), or remove the stream crossing all together. Because of an existing easement providing access across Stoller Creek to private forestland, the bridge option was chosen.

The project was constructed in the summer of 2008.  UCD staff and the landowner assisted with replanting the project area this fall with a variety of native shrubs and trees.  Approximately 2.3 miles of fish habitat were opened up for residential fish, according to a WDFW stream survey.

Bonnie Reynolds had this to say about the project, “Tom and I are delighted with the bridge and believe it is a community benefit to have the fish passage reestablished. The stream bed already looks very natural, as if it was always just as it is. I love the sound of it rushing toward the White Salmon. The project was accomplished very quickly with minimal disruption to the vegetation and soil around the stream. With the replanting I imagine that within a year, there will be little evidence of the construction project except the mighty fine bridge. And it came in under estimated cost – WOW.”