An important part of UCD’s work involves water quality and project monitoring. Baseline information regarding water chemistry and temperature can be valuable in assessing the health of a watershed and need for or value of restoration projects.  Other environmental parameters can be measured to evaluate changes during and after project implementation.

UCD has been monitoring water quality since the early 1990s. Efforts have not been continuous, since funding is provided by grants and project contracts. However, good baseline information has been developed for the White Salmon River and Wind River watersheds. UCD always acquires landowner permission before entering a site to conduct monitoring.  UCD shares information with other agencies and interested parties, such as the US Forest Service, US Geological Survey, WA Department of Ecology, and WA Department of Fish and Wildlife. Currently, UCD does not have specific funding for water quality monitoring, but UCD maintains several water temperature data-loggers in the White Salmon River and Wind River watersheds.

On a case-by-case basis we can assist landowners in monitoring water quality, soil quality, or other parameters such as erosion rates, habitat features, and photo-documentation.  We conduct pre- and post-project monitoring for most restoration and conservation projects.