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Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii)


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This evergreen grows on soils that vary from moist to dry. It is not very tolerant of soils that are compacted or poorly drained. Young seedlings will tolerate some shade, but require ample sunlight to reach maturity. Douglas Fir is a major component of forests throughout Washington State and one of the world’s most valuable timber species. Height can reach 200 feet at maturity.
Squirrels and other small mammals use the seeds for food, and the foliage and twigs are an attractive browse for deer, elk, and other large mammals.


Click here to for additional information on Douglas fir (courtesy of USDA).

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Fun Fact: A Douglas fir felled in 1897 at Loop’s Ranch in Whatcom County, Washington reportedly measured 465 feet in height, 34 feet in circumference at the butt, and 220 feet to the first branch. With a volume of 96,345 board feet, this tree was estimated to be 480 years old. (Source:

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