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Douglas Spirea (Spiraea douglasii)


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Douglas spirea grows in sun or shade, in damp, marshy sites, or rocky open upland areas. It is found growing from sea level to mid elevation forests, commonly in wet areas like besides streams.  Douglas Spirea can grow from 3 to 8 feet tall, with an approximately equal spread. It can spread by underground runners, creating large thickets.  Douglas spirea is readily identified by its spiky pink flower clusters in summer and stalks of brown seed clusters that persist through winter.  It provides good cover for birds, and the flowers provide nectar for pollinators and hummingbirds.


Click here for more information on Douglas spirea (courtesy of USDA).

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Dry Soil, Wet Soil


Full Sun, Partial Sun, Shade

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Attracts Pollinators, Flowers, Wildlife Value