UCD's 2018 Native Plant Sale

Every year, Underwood Conservation District (UCD) offers low-cost tree and shrub seedlings to residents in the Columbia Gorge. We offer a variety of conifers, deciduous trees and shrubs. They come ready to plant as 1-3 year-old, bare-root or plug seedlings.

Online orders are accepted from late November through the last day of February of each year. Orders will be picked up on Saturday, March 10, 2018, in White Salmon, WA.

All species are sold in bundles of 10 plants.  Please enter the number of bundles.  Online orders are subject to a minimum order value of $45.  Smaller quantities may be purchased at our TreeFest and pick up event, where we will offer single item sales as well as create-your-own mixed bundles.

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For more details on our Native Plant Sale and links to other great native plant resources, please visit our Native Plant Sale Program page.

If you have any questions navigating the online store, or would like to discuss the best plant for your site, please call our office and speak to someone on staff:  (509) 493-1936.

Thank you for your order!!